Foster Care & Trauma Resources-

These videos are posted as resources for ADULTS ONLY-


Helping Babies From The Bench


  • Brain images of children with trauma experiences- Toxic Stress (2:25)
  • How babies communicate with parents- Still Face Experiment (4:32)
  • How we can help heal a baby's brain (11:02)
  • Child Parent Psychotherapy- AKA Dyadic Therapy, Miami Court Wellbeing Model from Linda Ray Intervention Center, University of Miami (8:46)
  • Stoping the intergenerational cycle- Judge C. Lederman (1:08, 7:51, 15:24)

Violencia Itrafamiliar y su Efecto en Niños


  • Documental educativa sobre la violencia intrafamiliar
  • Estatísticas de UNICEF sobra la violência en niños
  • Efectos emocionales y de comportamiento en niños
  • Fotos son fuertes de niños recién heridos.

"Slap her": Children's Reactions

"Regale": La Reasoned de Niños


Effects of Domestic Violence on Children


  • Statistics set to music
  • Funny responses from kids
  • Respuestas comicas de niños

Book for Clinicians and parents to work with children exposed to trauma events.

Reviews how trauma is stored in body and can affect you throughout your life.

Available in audible and kindle.

Domestic Violence effects on families and children.

Available in audible and kindle.